Betel leaves can also cure these diseases

Jul 26 2019 04:52 PM
Betel leaves can also cure these diseases

It is often seen that many people prefer to eat paan after dinner. It also has many benefits. Some of the sufferers also have this helpful. Betel leaves have many health secrets that cause treatment for many ailments. Similarly today we are going to tell you about some of the similar problems that can be treated with the help of a betel leaf.

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Respiratory disease or chest tightness
If you have difficulty breathing or have chest tightness, you can bake ghee or oiled betel leaves on the chest. This will melt the cough and lighten the chest. Then cover the chest with a warm cloth.

Anyone who has frequent headaches should apply the leaf to their head. If the pain is too high, you can grind the juice and apply it on the forehead.

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Relief from lethargy, fatigue and insomnia
Eat cardamom, peppermint, cloves, Gulkand and honey in betel leaves. These will relieve your fatigue, lethargy and sleeplessness problems.

Corrects gums and toothache
If you have gum problems or toothache, mix ten grams of camphor in betel leaves. Betel leaves should be green and not yellow. Now chew these leaves a lot. These will correct your problem. It is also very effective in Pyria disease.

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