Salt Therapy helps to protect against diseases, know what is it

Sep 09 2019 10:20 AM
Salt Therapy helps to protect against diseases, know what is it

Today's increasing pollution, poor food, and irregular lifestyle is leaving no stone unturned to increase asthma disease. At present, even small children are under the grip of this serious disease. For this, you should know some tips so that there is no effect on your health. Although there is a cure for asthma in allopathy, yet doctors say that until the lifestyle is not right, this disease cannot be completely cured. In this case, we are going to tell you about salt therapy.

Please note that this is a therapy in which asthma is treated without any side effects. This therapy is completely natural and safe. However, this therapy is not only for asthma but also for those who have any other disease related to breathing, sleep problem or sinus, etc.

What is salt therapy
In salt therapy, a room is prepared from eight to ten tons of salt and given the shape of a cave. Experts control the temperature and climate of this room and keep patients in this room for half an hour to an hour. Up to 6 people can be treated simultaneously in this room. Through a halo generator located outside this room, air containing the pharmaceutical sodium chloride is given in the room. During this, salt particles from the patient's breath reach the lungs via the windpipe. Let us tell you that this therapy was also revealed when in 1843 Polish health officials noticed that the laborers who work in salt mines in Poland are not victims of any respiratory disease. After this, this therapy became famous in Eastern Europe.

How is asthma treated with salt therapy
In medical language, it is also called salt room therapy or halotherapy. Doctors say that there is a lot of simple science between salt therapy and asthma treatment. Any person suffers from asthma when there is a spasm in his respiratory tubes. Because salt is used completely in this therapy, salt reduces inflammation and spasms in the respiratory tubes. Which opens the airways and makes it very easy for air to pass through. It also does not cause blockage and mucus formation in the throat. Let us tell you that not only asthma but also this therapy relaxes in the sinus, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, psoriasis, eczema, allergic cough, general allergy, and skin-related diseases.

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