If you also like spinach, then first read the disadvantages of eating

Green vegetables are considered essential for everyone and at number one in this list is spinach. Spinach is an important part of everyone's diet. In fact, spinach is rich in protein as well as rich in nutrients such as iron, zinc and copper. However, eating too much spinach can also harm your health. Many times people consume too much of anything in the greed of taking more nutrients. However, to a certain extent, everything can be harmful to health and spinach is also like that. In fact, if experts are to be believed, then by consuming too much spinach, your body may have to suffer instead of benefit. Today we tell you the disadvantages of eating more spinach.

Kidney stones can occur- Along with being rich in nutrients, oxalic acid is also present in large quantities in spinach. Because of this, eating too much spinach can lead to the formation of calcium-oxalate in the body, which can lead to kidney stones.

Harmful to children - Eating too much spinach for children can be harmful. Actually, spinach contains nitrates, which usually do not affect the human digestive system. But that's not good for children's health.

Allergies with medications- It can be dangerous for people taking diabetes medication to consume too much spinach. In fact, vitamin 'K' is found in abundance in spinach and it can react with medicines and form blood clots. Diabetes medicine reduces blood pressure and can be mixed with the vitamin 'K' medicine present in spinach and can greatly reduce blood pressure.

Stomach pain- Along with being rich in nutrients, fibre is also present in large quantities in spinach. Because of this, eating too much spinach increases the fibre in the body. Due to this, there is also the problem of gas in the stomach, acidity, cramps and bloating and stomach pain.

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