Health of citizens is important for the development of the country: Mandaviya

The health of citizens is significant for the development of the country and the prime minister has taken steps to connect the two, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said here on Thursday.

Mandaviya said the changes taking place in the health sector are meant to take the country forward. He added that "It is a very big thing to link health with development. This is the foresightedness of Prime Minister Modi."

Mandaviya went on to say; “Unless the citizens of the country are healthy society cannot be healthy and when society is not healthy then the nation cannot be healthy. Twenty years ago in Gujarat, the Ma Amrutam Yojana was started with the view and its results are being seen by citizens of the country."  Mandaviya also said that over 40 Petrochemical Technology Institutes across the country are self-sufficient, earning their own income and providing education to one lakh students every year with 95 percent job placement.

Earlier, health was not linked with development, he said. Connecting health with development was begun by Modi as chief minister of Gujarat, the minister said at the virtual foundation stone laying ceremony of four new medical colleges in Rajasthan.

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