Corona vaccinators should be careful, these symptoms are a sign of danger

Except in some states, there has been a sharp decline in coronavirus cases all over India and due to this offices have been opened at many places, schools are being opened. However, health experts have suggested being vigilant, as the corona is yet to end. Talking about vaccination against this epidemic, more than 566 million anti-covid vaccines have been administered in India so far. Lakhs of people are being vaccinated daily to eliminate the infection. The corona vaccine is also said to be available to children in the age group of two to 18 years in India from October. Although there are no serious side effects of getting the corona vaccine, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry in a tweet warned that the symptoms within 20 days of getting any corona vaccine need to be addressed immediately. Let's know about these symptoms...



These symptoms are common after vaccination:-
Health experts and doctors say that side effects such as trembling after getting the corona vaccine, mild fever, swelling in place of injection, and mild pain, bad pain, and fatigue are common, there is no need to panic. These symptoms go away automatically in a day or two.

If these symptoms appear, be careful:-
-Shortness of breath (breathing problem).
-Chest pain.
-Vomiting or persistent abdominal pain.
-Blurred vision or eye pain.
-Severe or persistent headaches.

Weakness in any part of the body:-
-constant vomiting without any apparent reason.
-Seizures (with or without vomiting) (in the absence of the previous history of seizures).
-Having small or large blood marks on the skin away from the injection site.
-Any other symptoms or health condition that is a matter of concern for the recipient or family.
-If such serious symptoms are noticed within 20 days of vaccination, contact doctors immediately.

Vaccination required to avoid new variants:-
Experts say vaccination is essential to avoid new corona variants. As there is a crisis in the country about delta variants, a study conducted by the ICMR in Chennai has found that delta variants have the ability to infect people as well as those who have taken vaccines, but the mortality rate is low among those who have taken the vaccine.



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