If you are working in night shift, then pay attention to these tips for health

Sep 12 2019 04:50 PM
If you are working in night shift, then pay attention to these tips for health

If you work in night shift then your body will have some special needs. Night shift has a bad effect on health. For this it is important that you pay attention to your health and eat, sleep at the time. If you also work in night shift, then tell you which tips to follow. Special diets, exercises and sleeping tips are brought to you.

Exercise tips
Exercising regularly will keep you active during work and you will be able to sleep comfortably in the morning. If you feel that you do not have time for exercise then you should make your lifestyle more active. Learn tips for this.

Walk as much as you can at home or office. On your way to the office, get down before your bus stop, walk from there to the office. Go up the stairs instead of the lift. Diners can also take a short walk after the break.

During breaks, get up from your seat for a few minutes every hour and do stretching. This will stretch your shoulder, neck and back muscles. Blood flow is reduced due to muscle tension. Stretching increases blood flow and reduces muscle tension. This will also help you sleep during the day.

Even by doing yoga, you will be active at night and will be able to sleep well during the day.

If you are working in night shift, then you may have gastrointestinal diseases like chest irritation, constipation and acidity from 9 am to 5 am. There are also special tips for this.

When you are feeling sleepy, you start eating unhealthy things in a hurry, so it is better to take raw vegetables and hummus or almonds and raisins with you in tiffin.

Eating too heavy at dinner can make you feel tired throughout the night, so instead of eating too much together, eat something in a little while. Do not eat too late, the rest of the body's system may deteriorate.

When the night shift is over, do not take too much liquid, when you sleep in the morning, going to the bathroom again and again can cause sleep disturbances.

Drink about 8 glasses of water a day, so that your digestive system is better.

Take less caffeine, replace them with juice, water and milk.

Prashant Mittal, founder of Lung Care and Sleep Center, says that do not change your shift frequently, this affects your body clock.

Doctor Prashant says if you work in the night shift then come back in the morning wearing sunglasses. This will save you from activating the internal day time clock with the rays of the sun.

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