4 drinks to boost your immune system

Aug 16 2019 10:28 AM
4 drinks to boost your immune system

It is the monsoon season come with many disease. Health care is very important during this season. To avoid infection, it is necessary to strengthen the body's immune power and help fight every disease. For this, you're going to have to give you a few drinks to help your immunity to be strong.

Tomato Juice
Tomato juice can be easily made at home. You must include it in your diet. These are very healthy drinks, especially in the summer. Tomato juice filled with vitamin C and very hydrating nutrients is full of folates and helps to keep the infection away.

Ginger and garlic juice
Ginger and garlic juice is a great way of promoting immunity. Both these herbs have detoxifying properties and help keep the body healthy and safe. Ginger also helps to keep away the symptoms of heatstroke, while garlic is a cancer-preventing one. Since garlic and ginger juice may seem bitter then you can mix it in vegetable juice to balance it.

celery juice
Celery juice is very hydrating and is therefore perfect for the summer season. Not only that, but celery juice also helps in weight loss. Celery juice is rich in vitamins A, E, C, folic acid and sodium. It enhances immunity and helps to kill germs that enter the body. The body of those who drink celery juice is very effective in fighting infections and diseases.

Apple Juice
A glass of apple juice will save you to go to the doctor. The apple juice fights inflammation. According to a study conducted by the University of Illinois, Chicago, apples can help strengthen the immune system. In the winter season, you can mix apples and carrot juice for better results.

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