Heat Wave Response: Temples Alter Deity Routines for Comfort
Heat Wave Response: Temples Alter Deity Routines for Comfort

This year, India is witnessing the onslaught of record-breaking heat waves, with the scorching sun seeming relentless. Trees, animals, and humans alike are bearing the brunt of this blistering heat.

Efforts to Provide Relief

To alleviate the wrath of this intense heat, various measures are being taken from Mathura to Ayodhya. Let's explore how the daily routine and dietary habits of the deities in the Banke Bihari Temple in Mathura and the Ram Temple in Ayodhya have been altered during this heat wave.

Why Changes in the Deities' Routine?

In Hinduism, when an idol is consecrated in a temple, it is believed to embody the divine presence. In Ayodhya's Ram Temple, Lord Rama is depicted as a child of five years, while in Mathura's Banke Bihari Temple, Lord Krishna is portrayed as a child.

Here, the deities are treated much like children, with care given to their attire, food, and daily routines. This is why adjustments are made to the deities' diet and lifestyle according to the weather.

Dietary Changes in Ayodhya's Ram Temple

To protect Ramlala from the intense heat, several arrangements have been made in Ayodhya. Instead of offering traditional sweets like kheer and puri, cooling items such as lassi, thandai, buttermilk, and seasonal fruits (such as melons, mangoes, and cucumbers) are now being offered morning and evening. Coolers and air conditioners have been installed in the temple.

Efforts to Beat the Heat at Banke Bihari Temple

In the world-renowned Banke Bihari Temple, efforts are underway to protect Lord Krishna from the heat and provide him with comfort. A flower bungalow is set up every year during the summer months.

This arrangement begins from the festival of Chaitra Ekadashi and continues until Hariyali Amavasya. Every day, the flower bungalow is decorated with roses, jasmine, mogra, and other beautiful and fragrant flowers. These flowers provide a cooling effect. In addition to this, Lord Krishna is offered yogurt, rabri, and cucumbers as part of his diet.

As temperatures soar across the country, temples are adapting their practices to ensure the comfort and well-being of the deities they worship. Whether it's changing dietary habits or arranging for cooling measures, these efforts reflect a deep reverence and care for the divine beings worshipped by millions.

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