Floods wreak havoc in China, Roads submerged, Water reached people's necks
Floods wreak havoc in China, Roads submerged, Water reached people's necks

Beijing: Floods have wreaked havoc in several Chinese provinces at present. Heavy rains in China's central province of Henan have created a catastrophic situation of landslides and floods. So far 25 people have lost their lives. This is the first time in 30 years that China has experienced such a severe flood. The underground metro rail system in Zhengzhou city has also been completely submerged in water. Several pictures of the same are going viral on social media, with water reaching the necks of passengers traveling in the metro. The population of China's Zhengzhou city is about one million. The Army had rescued more than 2 lakh people on Wednesday. The roads in this city have been converted into rivers.



Water has entered the Zhengzhou metro due to continuous heavy and heavy rains. According to officials, 12 people died inside the metro itself. While five people are injured. More than 50 people have been rescued safely.  People were terribly terrified to see the metro filled with water. The passenger wrote on social media, 'The water had come up to my chest. I was much more scared. However, due to low air pressure in the metro over water, there was panic due to inability to breathe.'



Landslides are also taking place in many cities due to rain. Four people died when a house and wall collapsed in The City of Gongi. Henan province has been receiving heavy rain for the past week. Surprisingly, there is not even a rainy season right now. Because of this rivers are breaking the coast and flowing out. The roads are completely submerged. The MET department says Zhengzhou has received the highest rainfall ever in 60 years. The last three days have been as much rain as it does in the whole year.

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