Rain continues to wreak havoc in Rudraprayag, river-drains are overflowing

Aug 17 2019 04:21 PM
Rain continues to wreak havoc in Rudraprayag, river-drains are overflowing

Rudraprayag: The continuous rain in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand has made life miserable for the people. Due to heavy rains, all the rivers and drains in and around the district are in spate. As a result, the passengers, as well as the rural masses and school students, are facing a lot of problems. Drivers and school students are risking their lives crossing the rain drains flowing on the road after the motorway is closed.

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Rainfall continues in Badhanital Bangar, 70 km from Rudraprayag district headquarters. The Badhanital motorway has been closed after it has been rained here. The rainy drain that sprung up on the motorway is flowing. that the local people and school students are crossing risking their lives.

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A major accident can occur when you cross the flooded rain drain. The flow of rainwater drains is so fast that it is ready to shed everything. Students and locals are somehow able to risk the lives of rain drains with each other. This situation continues in many areas of Rudraprayag district. The problem of the general public is increasing during the rainy season.

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