Heavy rains feared again in Mumbai, Met Office warns of high tide!

New Delhi: The monsoon rains are wreaking havoc on the country's economic capital Mumbai as it is all the time. Mumbai was completely submerged in the first monsoon rains in the past. The rain has started again in Mumbai on Saturday. Mumbai has been surrounded by dark clouds from all sides. Warning of high tide in the seas of Mumbai has also been issued this afternoon.

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Since Saturday morning, dark clouds have engulfed Mayanagari. Rain is also lashing some areas of the city. The visibility of the city has also been drastically reduced due to dark clouds. The Met Department has predicted that there may be light rain in the south Mumbai region. Also, some areas of the suburbs may receive good rainfall for some time.

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According to the Met department, a high-rise warning has also been issued at 2:44 p.m. in the Arabian Sea bordering Mumbai. It is also feared that if there is rain in Mumbai during the High Tide, heavy waterlogging may occur in most of the areas. The first monsoon rains had worsened Mumbai, flooded places, and many people lost their lives due to accidents.

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