'Hello sir, I am speaking pooja...', have you also been troubled by such spam calls? So definitely do this work"

Spam calls on mobile have become a common thing. Sometimes phone calls come to take loan and sometimes insurance calls come. There are some such calls, even after cutting them, the calls keep coming again and again. Even if they are blocked, then calls start coming from other numbers. If you are also troubled by these calls and are looking for a permanent solution, then we have brought it for you.

The same you can take the help of Call Blocking Apps. There are many such apps on the Google Play Store, which tell whether the call received on the mobile is spam or not. You don't need to search on google play store. We are going to tell you about these apps right here. These apps will not only detect spam calls. You can also block calls through these apps.

Here are 5 Android Apps:-
1. Truecaller:- This app is most used. This app helps to identify unknown calls. It detects and blocks fraud, fraud calls and spam calls. Through this app you can blacklist and block any number.
2. Hiya:- This app is also very good. The app detects and blocks spam calls. You can also add name and address to phone book contacts through Hiya.
3. Calls Blacklist:- This is also a great app. The app is a call blocker for both call and SMS messages.
4. Should I Answer?: This app is also a better option. This app has a huge database of spam numbers, which is constantly updated. If someone tries to call, it will automatically block them. International calls can also be blocked through this app.
5. Call Blocker: Through this app does a great job of blocking unknown calls from call centers, spam numbers, robocalls, telemarketing etc.

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