Helmet: If you want to protect the head and eyes then keep these things in mind at the time of purchase

Jul 14 2019 09:46 PM
Helmet: If you want to protect the head and eyes then keep these things in mind at the time of purchase

We all know that most people in the country buy helmets only so that their invoices are not deducted. There are very few people who prefer to buy helmets of good quality for safety. Sales of fake helmets in the country have been steadily increasing. Fake helmets are easily available at roadside and local shops for Rs 100 to Rs 300. On the other hand, these helmets are sometimes sold with fake ISI stickers. That is why hundreds of people lose their lives in road accidents caused by fake helmets in the country. Fake helmets are extremely dangerous for your eyes too. Let us know the full details


For your information, it is not safe to use inferior and light-quality items to make fake helmets, but even the wiser (transparent part of the front) is not safe, which does not protect the eyes in the hot sun. Not only that, the high beams of vehicles coming from the front at night also have a direct eye effect, which weakens the eyesight. While a good quality original helmet is fitted with a UV protection weiss, which protects your eyes from sunlight, as well as protects your face from sunlight. Rajiv Kapoor, MD, Steelbird Helmet, the country's famous helmet manufacturer, says that the only helmet with an ISI mark should always be bought and worn. The helmet with the original ISI mark can't be made for Rs 300 to Rs 400, but the local market is getting a standard helmet with an ISI mark. This helmet can save you from the invoice, but can't save your life in case of an accident. He says that selling fake helmets is like selling spurious drugs. So always buy and wear an original helmet. The real helmet takes full care of quality and safety standards. Because a real helmet passes through several safety tests. According to statistics, more than one million people die in road accidents every year, as there are limited number of traffic police in many states and districts of our country. If we look at the figures of insurance companies, the death toll in these incidents is much higher.

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A fake helmet can save you from invoices, but can't save your life in case of an accident. Selling a fake helmet is like selling fake drugs. According to Rajiv Kapoor, MD, Steelbird Helmet, nearly 80 per cent of the helmets in the country are selling fakes today. But it's easy to identify them, if someone is selling you a helmet for less than Rs 450, you're buying a fake helmet. Because no helmet with an ISI mark can be made at such a low price. According to government safety standards, the minimum cost of making an ISI-marked helmet is Rs 450.


India seeks 10 million ISI helmets every year
At present, it is mandatory to wear helmets all over the country, but this law is effectively applicable only in Delhi, Chandigarh and Jaipur. The government will soon make the new amendment of the Motor Vehicles Act mandatory and implement the law across the country, which will increase market demand. are. It is very important to rein in them. At the same time, those who are selling fake helmets should also be dealt with. so that people can buy real helmets.


Why Fake Helmets Are Bought
The thinking is, why are fake helmets selling so much in the market? Don't people care about their lives? When we talked to some people, it was discovered that people buy cheap helmets only to avoid invoices. Because people find fake helmets at a lower price. Often, people drive by holding helmets in their hands. People say that the helmet is suffocated and sweats fast. Synthetic rubbing of sweat and foam during summers often causes headaches like itching and hair loss. Women don't like wearing helmets because they are afraid of spoiling their hairstyling. Helmet manufacturer companies say they are now launching low-weight helmets in the market. Also, airvents are being installed in front, back and up to make the helmet sit in and out of the air.

New Technology Helmets Coming
The helmet industry is constantly creating new helmets, which are light in weight and with great graphics, given the need for young customers. Not only that, the helmets are also getting tremendous technology these days. Anti-bacterial helmets, hands-free helmets, carbon fibre helmets and ventilation helmets are coming to the market. Besides, helmets with photo chromatic weiss have also been launched recently. These wisemen turn black during the day and normal at night, which are also safe for your eyes as well as skin. The market currently has many good helmet brands such as Steelbird, Studs, LS Aerostar, Wrangler.


Keep in mind when buying: The market has helmets of every color and design, so choose the helmet you need. The wearer of the helmet should never be dark as it causes trouble at night. When buying a helmet, keep in mind, avoid taking if the helmet is broken from somewhere. Buy helmets with high quality weiss, so that the eyes don't feel heavier. Also, prefer the same helmet that easily gets out of the foam lining, so that you can wash it once a week and use it again to avoid infection.

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