Here are few steps to Charge your smartphones faster
Here are few steps to Charge your smartphones faster

Many smartphone users have trouble charging their phone continuously. If your usage is above average, then your handset needs to be charged in the middle to run throughout the day. However, the companies are continuously working on enhancing the battery backup of the smartphone. For this, the company is using hardware that consumes less battery. Apart from this, the option of fast charging is also given. Also, we are going to tell you some similar tricks that will help your smartphone quickly charge. 

Flight mode: Turn on your smartphone's Flight mode while charging the phone. After flight mode is on, you will not be able to attend calls. Actually, sometimes it happens that the network consumes the battery even while charging. Therefore, the battery is charged in a very long time. In the Android phone the flight mode can be turned on or off by sliding from top to bottom on the home screen. So when charging the phone, turn on the phone's flight mode. When the phone's battery is fully charged, remove its flight mode.   

Turn off the phone: if possible, turn the phone off while charging. By doing so, the battery of your phone will be charged very soon, because when the battery is charging it will not be used anywhere else. 

Turn on the charging mode: In most Android devices, the charging mode is hidden in the developer option. First, turn on your phone's developer option. To do this, tap the phone's settings and tap on About Phone. After that go to Build Number. Now tap until developer options are seen. After this, settings will be opened and you can select the charging mode option.

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