Here are five reasons why Male Friendships and Female Friendships are Different

You may hear people saying that friendship among males and females is different. Yes, it is true the friendship between Males and females is very different because of nature, sex, and various other reasons.

Intimacy in Friendship: Male-Male friendships are less intimate than female-female friendships and speaking about Female Female friendships the relationship is more intimate, female friends even spend nights at each other homes and they are more intimate.

Fragility: Male-Male friendships are side-to-side, fostered and maintained through shared activity. Female-Female friendships are face-to-face, fostered and maintained through intimacy, communication, and support male-Male friendships are less fragile than female-female friendships, e.g., men will consider someone a friend even if they do not maintain or stay in constant contact

Emotions in Friendship: Men are more likely to use humor to taunt a friend while viewing this as innocent fun they will never say I Love you to their friends. Women are more likely to refrain from taunting and humor out of fear it may hurt their friend's feelings. I love you, Kisses is very common in Female Female friendship.

Jealousy: In boy's friendship it is like the other friend of your friend is also your friend Men tend to hang out more in a group, the more the merrier, while in women the case is different women can’t share their good friends typically prefer to go out with one good friend.

Fights: Male and female friendships tend to also differ in their flaws. For example, male friendships are largely affected by their competitiveness. They go head to head and challenge each other even when it comes to superficial things so the fights among Male friends is more violent, while women tend to be a lot more judgmental toward people and therefore the fight is verbal and for a long period.

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