Here bullet train serves food, not humans, video viral"

By the way, whenever you go to eat food in a restaurant or hotel, you will see that there the waiter comes to take your order and then whatever you order, they bring it and serve it on your table there. Yes and sometimes they serve food on your plate too. However, technology has been replaced by waiters for serving food in many places. Yes and it is mostly visible in foreign countries. At present, a video with a great technology is going viral. In this, anyone who saw the way the food was served on the table to the customers was blown away.


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Actually, in this video, people are shown serving food from 'Bullet Train'. You can see in this video that there is a big table in a hotel or restaurant, where many people are sitting in their seats and waiting for food. Yes, and during this time a small 'bullet train' running on the table comes and stops on the shore. During this, at first it is not understood what it is, but when the customers themselves start taking out the bowls of food, then it comes to know that it is actually a 'bullet train' serving food.

Yes and now people are liking the video serving food with technology like this and people are tying pools of praise. At the same time, this shocking video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the name earthlocus, and whoever is watching it is giving a surprised reaction.

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