Here is an auspicious time for Karva Chauth's fast storytelling and puja.

Oct 16 2018 11:15 AM
Here is an auspicious time for Karva Chauth's fast storytelling and puja.

The women are very eagerly of Karva Chauth, let everyone know that this time Karva Chauth is going to be celebrated on 2018, 27th October. You must know that on Karva Chauth women keep a fast for their husbands long life and on that day they keep the noisy fast. It is said that this fast has a special significance in Hinduism and it is considered incomplete without reading the Vaast Karva Chautha Katha. In such a way, this fast is completed by giving the story of Karva Chauth and giving a glimpse to the moon at night. On this day, all the women make 16 sets of Shringar items and worship Lord Shiva, mata Parvati, Lord Ganesha.

So let’s now know that Karva Chauth fast story 2018

There was a moneylender who had seven sons and a sister. The sister was very fond of the family. Once the sister and seven sisters in law used to fast for Karva Chauth. The sister also came to the maternal to fast. When the brother returned from work at night, seeing the sister disturbed by the hungry pea, the brothers said that eat sis food. Then the sister said that she would eat food only by giving the moon its upper body. After that, the brothers made a strategy because of the love affection of the sister. The brothers planned, after which the younger brother kept a lamp on the far side and kept it in the oven. This made the sister feel that in reality the moon had come out. The brothers then told the sister that the sister of the fourth Chaturthi has passed out even though her sister had told her that this is being done by your brothers. But the sister did not believe in the talk of the sisters and she opened the fast by giving her only to the serial Chand. As soon as the sister put a bow of a meal in her mouth, the news of husband's death came. The whole family was surprised by this information. Sister was frustrated and sad to hear this. After which the brothers told that all this happened due to the break of fast due to the fasting of Karwa Chauth. While atoning this mistake, sister took a sigh of relief that she would wait for Karva Chauth for a full year. After that, she remained near the body of her husband and started collecting the Suneuma grass that grew on the body. Seeing the reverence of the woman, Lord Shiva gave life to her husband next year. Since then, this fast is being kept for women for the long life of their husbands.

An auspicious time for Karva Chauhan fast worship!

October 27, 2018, Saturday-evening 5.36 to 6.54

October 27, 2018, Saturday - Moonrise at 8 o'clock

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