Here is the List of Top 5 Startups of Israel

While Narendra Modi's visit to Israel the tour had come up with a lot of places and a lot of negotiations which were discussed between the various negotiations and technology. Hence, we are going to tell you about the top five startups of Israel, which motivates us how to solve the problems of people with the correct use of technology. 

1. Waze: A successful startup that provides people with information related to Road Map in addition to traffic on real time. The company has launched its startup in the app to solve the problem of the user. This app is called waze mobile satellite navigation application.

2. Flytrex : Flytrex is a personal delivery drone which is controlled through the app.

3. StoreDot: This is a company that works to make batteries. The company is working on the full charge of the battery in 1 minute. 

4. Airobotics: This company produces drones for gas, petrol and minis fumes such as mapping and industrial sectors.

5.SalesPredict: This is an analytics website which was acquired by Ebay. This is used to make analytics and generate revenue in the b2b website.  

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