Here is what happens to your body when you Have too much sex

May 21 2019 01:20 PM
Here is what happens to your body when you Have too much sex

sexual intercourse can make you feel better emotionally, it keeps you healthy, and it’s fun. But what about if you’re having too much sex?  People don’t have to worry about most of the things that happen to your body when you have too much intercourse, but if you're hitting the sheets on a daily basis, you should read up on these problems to make sure you’re staying healthy.


Mucho sexo isn't the only reason women get yeast infections, but increased activity can change the balance of normal bacteria in the vagina, leaving room for yeast to grow. Doctors asked about this kind of thing have said that, while intercourse isn't the way most people think about getting a yeast infection, it's important to keep condoms in the mix and to keep clean after intercourse.

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Even though some cardiovascular researchers believe an increase of sexual activity can make your heart stronger, many doctors are quick to point out that most patients are twice as likely to have a heart attack one hour after intercourse than after not doing it at all. Findings that intercourse can induce a heart attack should mostly worry those who are overweight or over the age of 50. But still, be safe in the bedroom people.

Stimulus Overload

 If you're getting groovy in bed on a daily basis, there's a good chance your brain is loving the serotonin release too much and you're well on your way to sex addiction. While that might sound like a glorious luxury most will never know, it's actually detrimental to your mental health. The affliction is a form of OCD. When compounded with depression or bipolar disorder, which can be underlying causes, you might feel like you want to end your own life, especially after doing it.

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You've probably noticed mysterious bruises, scratches, aches, and pains the day after a session of marathon love making. It's safe to surmise the more you're doing it, the more you run the risk of hurting yourself, or whomever it is you're smanging all day and all night.

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