Here is why Bappi Lehri used to wear so much jewelry, never weighed it for this reason
Here is why Bappi Lehri used to wear so much jewelry, never weighed it for this reason

Bappi Lahiri was one of the renowned and most loved singers in Bollywood. He was credited for introducing pop music in India. His song Jimmy Jimmy was the most popular track in Russia at one time. Apart from his unparallel finesse in music, if there was anything else that defined the man, it was his love for Jewellery.

Bappi loved to wear gold ornaments. He considers gold as his fortune. This is the reason why many ornaments are visible on Bappi Lahiri's body. His neck and hands are always seen full of jewellery . He once spoke about his jewelry said, A gold chain with a Hare Rama Hare Krishna locket was given to me by my mother. I got my first blockbuster- Zakhmi. My mother had informed me that wearing the necklace would bring me luck when she put it on for me.

He also once said, “My family has always given me gold. My wife Chitrani gave me another gold necklace with a large Ganpati locket on it for my birthday in 1977, after my mother. This came after the box office successes of Aapki Ki Khatir and Bambai Se Aa Mera Dost.”

Bappi once speaking about his love for Jewellry said, “No matter where I go, I always bring some gold jewellery with me. My gold jewellery is so hefty that I can’t take it all with me when I travel. I want to be able to carry God with me at all times. My gold jewellery has never been weighed. Because God is present on every chain, I have never weighed any of my jewellery.”

Explaining the reason why he wear so much jewelry Bappi Da had told in an interview that he was heavily influenced by American pop star Elvis Presley. Popstar Elvis Pressley wore a gold chain during his concert. Bappi da had told in that interview that after seeing Elvis Pressley, I used to think that when I become a successful person, I will create my own image. Impressed by the press, I wear gold and it is very lucky for me.

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