Here is your homemade night cream to shine

Nov 10 2018 02:56 PM
Here is your homemade  night cream to shine

Throughout the day, due to exposure to dust, pollution and sun rays, the natural glow and moisture of skin disappears, but the skin works to repair itself while sleeping at night. In this case, if you use night cream then the skin will absorb the cream well and you will get the best results on the next day. The chemicals are available in the night creams found in the market which damage the skin. Today we are going to tell you how to make night cream at home.


Green tea juice - one spoon, almond oil - one teaspoon, rose water - one spoon, aloe vera gel- one spoon, B wax - one spoon

 To make night cream, first heat B Wax and almond oil by putting it in double boiler. When it melts, remove it from the flame and add aloe vera gel to it. Now add green tea juice and rose water and mix it. Take your cream ready. Now use it by putting it in air tight container.

There are plenty of antioxidants present in Green Tea those who protect the skin from wrinkles and also remove the problem of pimples Apart from this, the green tea contains plenty of antibacterial properties. That helps remove skin problems. Wash your face before sleeping at night and apply cream Doing this will repair your skin and create new cells in the skin.



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