Here’s How Masterchef Would Elaborate Our Desi, Indian Dishes

MasterChef explaining their dishes using the fanciest words. The description makes it sound appetising but one look at the dish and you know exactly what it is. They will read it as a little bit of garam masala (pronounced with an accent) and roasted in a clay oven' but don't we all know that it's actually Tandoori Chicken they're talking about!

With a fancy-ass description, our desi food starts sounding exotic. I mean, pakoda's will, of course, sound fancier if you call them Fritters!

Here we have listed some of them:

1 Gajar Ka Halwa
Sweet Carrot pudding cooked with milk, almonds, clarified butter and garnished with pistachios.
2 Idli 
Fermented batter of ground rice steamed in circular moulds served with a dip of coconut shavings.
3 Gol Gappa
Crisp and hollow spheres of pastry filled with chickpeas, tamarind paste, chillies and some spiced water
4 Kulfi Falooda
Ice cream prepared with condensed milk served with sweetened glass noodles in a sugary syrup made of milk
5 Khandvi

Bite-sized rolled dumplings prepared with
gram flour paste seasoned with ginger and turmeric

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