Here the company is giving 'gold' not cash in salary to the employees

Getting a job in a good company is the dream of many people, although only a few people realize this dream. By the way, every type of facility is not available in every company, because every company has its own policy and it has to run on the basis of that. Along with this, you also have to take care of the employees. In such a situation, if you too must be working in a company, then obviously you get all the money you have to get as salary, but nowadays there is a lot of discussion about a company in England. In fact, this company has started a 'weird' i.e. Unique Policy.

Those who are hearing about it are blown away. In fact, this company of England is not giving cash to its employees in the form of salary in lieu of work, but gold i.e. gold. You may not believe it, but it is true and the name of this unique company is 'TallyMoney'. Yes and everyone is liking this idea of ​​giving gold instead of salary to the employees. London based City A.M. Speaking to Business Newspaper, the company's CEO Cameron Parry said that he believes that paying in cash is not ideal in a scenario where the value of the currency is depreciating every day.

This is the only reason why he thought it right to offer 'gold' instead of salary to the employees. He considers it very beneficial for the future of the employees. According to the reports coming out, at present, the benefit of this 'Salary for Gold' policy is being given to only 20 employees of the company, who are on senior posts.

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