Here’s a look at the house of Bigg Boss Marathi3

May 27 2019 05:32 PM
Here’s a look at the house of Bigg Boss Marathi3

After a long wait, the Bigg Boss Marathi season 2 finally began and since then the internet is abuzz with talks of the new season, this year’s contestants and of course the new house as well. This year the ever-funky house has shifted base from Lonavala to Mumbai’s Filmcity.

And right from the first frame, the palatial house has caught everyone’s attention. To keep the Marathi feels right the house has been given a look and feel of a Wada (palatial house) and this year also, the responsibility of the interiors was on the shoulders on Omung Kumar. The Bigg Boss house has become grander and soon as you enter the house your eyes can witness it right from the entrance. Then there is Nimbu-Mirchi (Lemon and chillies), has a huge garden area with a swimming pool in one corner.

And the major attraction that catches one’s attention as soon as you enter the house is the jail, the new addition this time to the Marathi Big Boss house, it has been named ‘Adgalichi Kholi’ (Storeroom), though it won’t literally be a storeroom but it will definitely play an important part in the Bigg Boss game this year.

Then comes the Kitchen, the kitchen again has all the elements of a quintessential Marathi ‘Swayampak Ghar’ with Pata-Varvanta (old age tool for grinding), earthen pots, copper utensils, etc. with these things there lies an important note near the water filter and it reads ‘Save Water’.

The huge garden area, various rooms actually the house itself has been done up with a lot of thought process. The look the elements hold meaning and here the house is all ready to see the real game begin. It will be interesting to see what goes around in this aesthetic Bigg Boss house this season.

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