Here's How Google Cuts Jobs in Google Assistant, Devices And  Services Teams
Here's How Google Cuts Jobs in Google Assistant, Devices And Services Teams

Google has reportedly decided to cut a significant number of jobs in its Google Assistant software and Devices and Services team. The tech giant, Alphabet Inc.'s Google, disclosed that it is letting go of hundreds of employees involved in the development of its voice-activated Google Assistant software. Additionally, a similar number of positions in the Devices and Services team are being eliminated.

The impact of the job cuts extends to various areas within the company, affecting workers in the voice-based Google Assistant and the augmented reality hardware team. Employees in the central engineering organization at Google also faced job losses, according to report.

According to a report from Semafor, organizational changes have been underway at Google since the second half of 2023. These changes have not only affected the Google Assistant team but have also led to layoffs in other areas, including the company's mapping app Waze.

The restructuring also involves the elimination of several roles in the Devices and Services team. The majority of these job cuts are concentrated in the 1P AR hardware team, as highlighted in a report by tech media website 9to5Google. Google confirmed this reorganization, stating that the company's goal is to enhance efficiency and align resources with its primary product priorities.

A Google spokesperson shared with media that these changes have been ongoing since the second half of 2023. The spokesperson mentioned that various teams within the company have been making adjustments to improve efficiency and better allocate resources. This has led to role eliminations globally, affecting some teams.

As of September 2023, Alphabet, Google's parent company, had a global workforce of 182,381 employees.

In another development, Unity Software, a provider of videogame software, has announced plans to reduce its workforce by approximately 25 percent, equating to 1,800 jobs. The company disclosed this information in a regulatory filing.

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