Here's know the story of Vat Savitri Purnima Vrat
Here's know the story of Vat Savitri Purnima Vrat

You can tell everyone that the Wat Savitri Purnima Vrat, celebrated on the Shukla side of the senior month in Hinduism, has a very religious significance. The fast is being celebrated on the 16th of June. On this day, married women fast for the longevity of their husbands, the progress of their children, their age and the well-being of the household. So today we are going to tell you that the legend is to fast today.

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The legend of Wat Savitri Purnima Vrat - King Ashwapathi was childless. In order to attain the children, he worshipped and fasted Goddess Savitri along with his wife. At the proper time by the grace of Goddess Savitri, the queen gave birth to a very beautiful girl. Raja Ashwapathi named the girl born with the grace of mother Savitri as 'Savitri'. When Savitri got married, King Ashwapathi ordered him to bring a bridesman's search for him. Following the father's order, Savitri searched for the bride and chose Satyavan as her future partner. When Savitri came back home and told her father about her choice. At the same time, Devari Narad appeared there and informed that Satyavan, the son of Maharaj Dyumatsen, was very low. He will die only after 12 years of marriage . The father, Ashwapathi, explained a lot to Savitri, but she remained adamant on her decision. At the right time, Savitri and Satyawan were married. After the marriage, Savitri left the father's palace and moved into the jungle with her mother-in-law and husband Satyawan. In fact, the king of Satyavan had won the war. Savitri started fasting for the longevity of Satyavan after marriage.

When the time came for Satyawan's death and Yamaraj took him to heaven, Goddess Savitri followed him with his hands folded. Yamaraj asked him to go back. But The goddess did not listen to her. When Yamaraj turned around, it was discovered that Goddess Savitri was following her. He asked Savitri what he wanted. On this, Savitri said, "Give me the blessing of being lucky and 100 sons. Play on my Baba's lap sitting on my son's throne and be happy to see my father-in-law. Yamaraj said, "In this blessing, Savitri has received not only the Rajpat of his father-in-law, but also the blessings of being fortunate, including eye-lights. It was because of this blessing that Yamaraj was forced to return to Satyavan's life. Since then, the Suhagin women keep their fasts in full law with the longevity of their husbands, the happiness of the family and the wish of the children and listen to the story of Wat Savitri Vrat.

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