Here's the suggestion of Daniel Craig to the new James Bond

Fans of Daniel Craig are all sad as it would the star's last project of James Bond. No Time To Die will see Daniel Craig take a bow as the James Bond from the Bond franchise. The star, who has appeared in four Bond movies, will wear the suit one last time and vows to make his farewell from the franchise a memorable affair. While his fans have to wait a little longer to watch his last Bond movie, they are also eager to know about the next James Bond of the franchise. Names like Harry Styles, Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy have been associated with the brand. 

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Nevertheless, nothing has been official until now. As of now, fans have to wait to determine who could take on the Bond legacy, Craig has recently given great advice for whoever would play the next Bond actor. Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Craig directed the actor filling in his shoes to not "f–k it up." He told Fallon, "Don’t f–k it up. It’s a beautiful, amazing thing. Don’t f–k it up! Leave it better than when you found it. Is that all alright? Can I say that? Probably not!” 

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Apart from the suggestion, he also reflected upon returning to the franchise for one last time. "I’m so glad I came back and did this last one. The story, it just didn’t feel complete and I needed a break. Once I had and we started talking about storylines and things we could do I was like, ‘I’m in,'" he said. Over the weekend, it was announced that No Time To Die has been delayed to Spring 2021. 

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