Here's What Makes Night Walker Energy Drinks Healthy and Safe to Consume

Despite fierce competition from other brands, Night Walker Energy Drink has been able to carve out a remarkable niche for itself in the Indian market. This has been made feasible by the fantastic product and the superb positioning and marketing plan.

The company claims to produce premium drinks that have no artificial sweeteners and just the finest ingredients. Additionally, it is a completely vegetarian and alcoholic-free beverage. The drinks were created using vitamins and substances that boost energy. Since it is preservative-free, you can eat it without worrying. The FSSAI and the European Union's health authority have both approved the caffeinated beverage 75mg/250ml.

Products like Night Walker Mojito Original and Night Walker Black Edition have quickly become popular in the market. The company is now getting ready to introduce other goods, such as energy drinks that taste like watermelon and berries.

The success of Nightwalker Energy Drink Pvt Ltd counts greatly on its three pillars: CEO Jamal Shaikh, Director Prem Jaiswal, and Director Damandeep Singh. In 2021. The three of them pledged to work as a team to deliver Nightwalker Energy to India.

Prem Jaiswal has experience in the event sector, which gave the brand a trustworthy foundation to help it stand out in the Indian market. He oversees all marketing-related tasks. Jamal Shaikh's area of expertise is managing all forms of overseas business, and Damandeep Singh oversees all logistics- and finance-related tasks. From the beginning of production, until the goods arrive at the warehouse in India, he manages the entire process.

Due to their knowledge in their specialised industries, the brand has quickly established a significant presence in India. In addition to Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Kolkata, and Uttarakhand, the brand will soon be introduced in Goa, Karnataka, and Hyderabad. The 3 individuals behind the company are confident about their products and believe they will have more growth this year.

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