Here’s what makes Richa Dave a favourite makeup artist among the Dhollywood celebrities!

Mar 31 2021 05:43 PM
Here’s what makes Richa Dave a favourite makeup artist among the Dhollywood celebrities!
Makeup is that extra add-on in women’s life that is nothing less than a miracle. It adds extra glow and beautifies an individual’s skin giving a new meaning to beauty. To ace the perfect makeup look, one needs to have an experienced makeup artist in place. The makeup artists are the ones who can bring any desired look to life. With the changing-times and arrival of social media, there has been an upsurge for makeup artists. Among many makeup artists, Richa Dave has made her place as one of the best names in the industry. She is widely known for her distinctive makeup looks and is a popular name in the Gujarati film industry.
The celebrity makeup artist based in Ahmedabad has got some of the best clients from different industries. It is her skill to keep the looks natural that has garnered her appreciation from one and all. With social media being an integral part of everyone’s life, even Richa has been sharing a majority of her works on the internet. When asked what makes her a celebrity’s go-to name, Richa Dave replied, “Honestly, I would say that I am blessed. My work has been loved by everyone across different industries. I have always focused on quality, and the weightage has been to help the clients get a look of their dreams.”
Furthermore, Richa revealed that she follows the ideology of ‘Less is more’. Speaking about the same, she said, “It goes truly apt in my working style. I tend to focus on creating makeovers in such a way that the makeup look created doesn’t look more.” Richa’s beauty studio in Ahmedabad named Jasmine Beauty Care is one of a kind studio for the ones who want to groom themselves with different looks and hairstyles. Besides Gujarat, the celebrated MUA has served her clients across India and the globe.
Always open to experiments, Richa Dave is also known for creating unique yet distinctive looks. That is a rare quality any makeup artist possesses. And that’s what makes Richa a household name in the beauty and makeup industry. In the past, when social media was not a thing, many of Richa Dave’s beauty programs telecasted on national television. The MUA has now been ruling the internet with her exceptional work. Her wonderful makeovers and bridal looks have truly seen Richa make a place as one of the finest makeup artists in recent times.