Hero MotoCorp Announces Price Hike for Select Models Starting July
Hero MotoCorp Announces Price Hike for Select Models Starting July

New Delhi, June 10, 2024 - Hero MotoCorp, India's largest two-wheeler manufacturer, has announced an upcoming price hike for certain motorcycle and scooter models. Effective from July 1, 2024, prices will increase by up to Rs 1,500 per unit. This adjustment aims to partially counterbalance rising input costs affecting production.

In a statement released today, Hero MotoCorp clarified that the price revision will vary across specific models and markets. The decision reflects the company's proactive approach to managing cost pressures in the current economic environment.

"The revision is necessary to mitigate the impact of escalating input costs," Hero MotoCorp stated, underscoring the rationale behind the adjustment.

Hero MotoCorp's product lineup includes popular motorcycle models like the Splendor series, HF Deluxe, and Glamour. In addition, the company offers a range of scooters, such as the Xoom and Destini 125 XTEC.

As market dynamics continue to evolve, consumers can expect varying price adjustments tailored to specific models and geographic regions.

Hero MotoCorp holds the distinction of being India's largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, commanding a significant presence in the country's automotive sector. Founded in 1984 as Hero Honda, a joint venture between Hero Cycles of India and Honda of Japan, the company became Hero MotoCorp after Honda's exit in 2011. Since then, Hero MotoCorp has continued to dominate the Indian market with its diverse range of motorcycles and scooters.

The company's product lineup includes iconic models such as the Hero Splendor, HF Deluxe, and Glamour motorcycles, which are renowned for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and affordability. In the scooter segment, Hero MotoCorp offers models like the Destini 125 and Pleasure+.

Known for its extensive network of dealerships and service centers across the country, Hero MotoCorp ensures widespread availability and excellent customer support. The company emphasizes innovation and technological advancement, continually updating its products to meet evolving consumer preferences and regulatory standards.

In recent years, Hero MotoCorp has focused on expanding its global footprint, exporting its vehicles to various international markets. The company remains committed to enhancing mobility solutions and contributing to India's growing automotive industry.

Hero MotoCorp's leadership in the two-wheeler sector underscores its commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction, making it a trusted choice for millions of riders across India and beyond.

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