Hibiscus is more beneficial than rose, know its benefits

Jul 25 2020 05:32 PM
Hibiscus is more beneficial than rose, know its benefits

Almost everyone uses rose water to enhance the face or mix it in the face pack. Not only this, but rose oil also helps in getting a glowing. However, do you know that not only roses but also hibiscus can enhance the beauty of the face and hair? It is called Hibiscus in English and it contains many types of nutrients which help in getting clear skin. Till now you have used this flower for worship. However, it is very helpful to increase beauty. So let's know about the method of using jaggery flower and its benefits. 

Helpful in removing skin wrinkles
The leaves of jaggery flowers are found to have anti-ageing properties, which helps in removing wrinkles in the skin. The leaves of this flower have the ability to remove free radicals which slows down the ageing process. It makes the skin appear young.

Boil the leaves of jaggery in water and grind it well. Now make a paste by mixing honey in it and apply it on the face with light hands like a paste. After fifteen to twenty minutes, wash the face with cold water and clean it. In a few days, you will start seeing impeccable blonde and wrinkle-free skin.

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