Hiding from her son, 53-year-old mother did such a thing, whoever heard she was stunned

Mumbai: Recently the results of board examinations have come out in many states. In such a situation, there is a discussion of toppers in many places like social media, but in the meantime, the story of a woman from Maharashtra who has passed the high school examination at the age of 53 has gone viral. Her story is so inspiring that the woman's son got emotional and shared about it.

Actually, recently a person named Prasad Jambhale shared the story of his mother on social media. Prasad is a software engineer by profession and he lives in Ireland these days. But his mother lives in Maharashtra. Prasad shared the story of his mother and told how after 37 years his mother started studying in school again and she also passed in it.

Also, Prasad wrote that when he came last time, he was surprised to see his mother's studies. Writes English in her mother's notebook. Even she was doing very well in Algebra. His understanding was surprising to the children. He said that his mother's day started with studies. He said that his mother had taken admission in this school in 2021. But he had not told anyone about it. He studied secretly. When they call their house, sometimes it comes to know that mother is studying. Even the mother did not tell her father and her other son about this school and studies for almost a month. His mother was the most promising student in her class. Prasad had come to India to get married, his marriage was in February and his mother's examination was in March. Yet his mother managed everything. Presently, Prasad's mother has passed and his numbers are also very good. He secured 79.60% marks. The son also shared his mother's report card. Please tell that the Maharashtra government has also opened such schools in which studies are done at night.

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