8 sex workers arrested in raids, used to share photo to fix meeting

Feb 12 2020 01:00 PM
8 sex workers arrested in raids, used to share photo to fix meeting

Recently, once again the police has revealed a big sex racket. According to the received news, the Head of this sex racket used to supply sex workers in the entire city. This matter is related to the Palamu district. This illegal body trade was going on for a long time in various areas of Medininagar, the district headquarters. In this case, the police has raided different areas of the city and arrested 8 sex workers.

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It is being told that 5 women and 3 men are involved in this. The police took this action late Tuesday evening. According to the news, after the revelation of the sex racket, it has come to light that 'the entire game used to be on WhatsApp. Customers were first sent pictures of sex workers. After that, when the matter was set, the rate of sex workers was quoted. In this case, it has also been told that the people who operate the sex racket used to take half the money in advance after sending the sex workers to the customer.

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The rest of the money was given to customer sex workers. In this case, if the police agreed, these people used to keep rented houses in many areas of the city and according to the demand of the customer, they also arranged for the room, which was charged separately.

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