Come and visit this Pink Lake in Summer 2018

May 17 2018 06:49 PM
Come and visit this Pink Lake in Summer 2018

There are more than one strange things present in this world. When people see it they all get surprised. every time people go to see the unique and different thing all over the world. Similar to the list of wonders of the world include Hiller Lake of Australia. This late is famous due to the color of the lake is pink, so, therefore, it is also known as Pink Lake.

This beautiful lake in Australia is known for its specialty. A large number of tourists come here witness its beauty. Well while this lake is very small but still tourists come from far away just to swim. This lake is spread over 600 meters. Its edges have paperwork and eucalyptus trees. There are pink colored algae and bacteria in this lake, due to which the color of this lake has become pink.

By the way, algae and bacteria are harmful to humans or other organisms. But even then these bacteria do not harm anyone. The quantity of salt is very high in this lake due to which it is a saline lake. If you are planning to travel somewhere in the summer, then you can not have a better place than this lake.

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