Himachal Pradesh CM Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu Unveils e-Taxi Scheme Portal

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh - In a bold step towards fostering a greener future, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu of Himachal Pradesh officially launched the e-Taxi scheme, envisioning a state renowned for its environmental sustainability.

The initiative, unveiled on Monday, marks a significant commitment by the state government to propel Himachal Pradesh towards becoming a leader in environmental conservation.

CM Sukhu expressed, "This initiative signifies our government's resolute dedication to transform Himachal Pradesh into an eco-friendly state."

The introduction of the e-Taxi scheme falls under the Rajiv Gandhi Employment Startup Scheme, aimed at empowering the unemployed populace by fostering self-employment opportunities. Sukhu emphasized that this aligns with one of Congress's 10 assurances made prior to assuming power, including a substantial Rs 680 crore startup scheme targeting unemployed individuals.

Speaking on the scheme's essence, CM Sukhu highlighted, "Under this program, aspiring entrepreneurs will receive electric taxi permits at a 50% subsidy. These taxi services will be integrated into various government departments, allowing the unemployed to leverage this opportunity while contributing to Himachal Pradesh's pollution-free environment."

He further outlined the streamlined process for applicants, stating, "Individuals seeking to benefit from this initiative can conveniently apply online through the Transport Department's dedicated website."

Looking ahead, Sukhu revealed the government's forthcoming plans, stating, "In subsequent startup phases, we aim to introduce schemes promoting solar energy and agricultural sectors specifically tailored for the unemployed."

Addressing the state's sustainability goals, Sukhu confirmed plans to establish e-charging stations across 17 strategic locations. "Himachal Pradesh is steadfastly progressing towards its goal of becoming an eco-conscious state. Our future phases will unveil plans to harness solar energy and boost the agricultural sector," he affirmed.

Additionally, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu pointed fingers at the previous BJP government, alleging their involvement in fostering illegal mining activities within the state. "The mining scam perpetrated during the prior government's tenure warrants investigation. A staggering 131 stone crushers operating without authorization, specifically 63 in the Beas River Basin, resulted in a multi-crore scam causing substantial losses to the government," Sukhu asserted. He pledged a comprehensive inquiry into all crushers operating within river basins.

The e-Taxi scheme's launch marks a pivotal moment in Himachal Pradesh's trajectory towards a sustainable, eco-friendly future, coupled with stringent measures to address past environmental concerns.

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