VIDEO: Mountain fall suddenly on the road, stampede

Jun 25 2019 01:03 PM
VIDEO: Mountain fall suddenly on the road, stampede

Shimla: A stampede broke out near Kasang Nala in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh when a section of the mountain suddenly collapsed on the beach road whic lead to Traffic jams. There were long lines of vehicles on both sides of the road and people waited for the road to open.

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A video of the whole incident has also come in the media, in which one can be seen clearly how something is happening in the mountain and a part of the mountain starts falling down in a short while. When part of the mountain falls, the people standing there rush to save their lives. It may be mentioned that such incidents have been taking place near the Kasang Nallah in the past.

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Two days ago, two youths riding a bike were killed in a landslide here, triggering panic in the area. A similar case has come to light today. Two days ago, a rock fell on two bike riders, killing them on the spot. A resident of Punjab, Jeja and Saleh were killed in the incident. One of them was a resident of Jikarpur in Punjab.






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