This is why Hindi day is celebrated only on 14 September

Hindi Day is celebrated every year in India and is a main festival. Hindi is the official language of India, which was officially recognized after two years of independence. In fact, on 14 September 1949, it was decided in the Constituent Assembly that "the official language of India will be Hindi

 After this, the Rashtriya Bhasha Prachar Samiti at Wardha requested to celebrate Hindi Day for publicity and public recognition of Hindi and then from 14 September 1953, on 14 September every year in India was celebrated as Hindi Day. 'Yes, you all must know that on Hindi Day, many programs like essays, poetry recitations and debates competed in schools, colleges and government offices. The event s and only only not celebrated Hindi Fortnight in government offices. Let us tell you that in addition to Hindi Day, World Hindi Day is also celebrated on 10 January every year. So let's know the history of Hindi Day today.

What is the history of Hindi Day - We know that India is a country of many diversities and people who speak different languages live here. Every state in India has its own cultural, political and historical identity and not only that, the dialect of all places is different but even after this, Hindi is the most spoken language in India. For this reason, Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi also called Hindi the language of the people and in the Hindi Literature Conference held in 1918, he asked Hindi to be the national language. After independence, after long deliberations, on 14 September 1949, it was decided in the Constituent Assembly to make Hindi the official language.

It is said that section 343 (1) of the chapter 17 of the Constitution of India has written something like this in the context of making Hindi the official language, 'Hindi and script of the Union will be Devanagari. The form of the marks used for the official purposes of the Union will be international form. At the same time, many people were not happy with making Hindi the official language and started opposing it and after this protest, English was also given the status of official language.

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