The Girls of India-Pakistan, who love each other, now these pictures go viral!

Aug 02 2019 12:10 PM
The Girls of India-Pakistan, who love each other, now these pictures go viral!

Love has no religion and it can happen to anyone. There is no age to love and it doesn't take long to happen.

Recently going viral on social media, pictures of two girls who are all liking it and making these pictures a lot. In fact, one of these girls on the Internet is of Indian origin, while the other is of Pakistan origin. Tell everyone that their names are Sandan Malik and Anjali Chakra, who are each other's best friends and love each other.

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According to reports, Sandan is an artist by profession and belongs to the Muslim family in Pakistan and the Anjali Chakra is from India. The two have recently done a photo shoot. You can see beautiful photos of the two clicked by photographers named Sarovar and these photos are going viral in sets of four.

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In the first set, Sandas and Anjali are shown under a transparent umbrella and the love style of the two can be seen in these photos, which is quite different. The photos were written on Twitter by Sarovar, "A New York Love Story." These pictures are really sweet and after seeing them all are cute, beautiful comments on it.

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Another set of photos was shared on Instagram and they wrote, "I grew up seeing the love in different ways. Some in their family, in some Bollywood movies. When I grew up a little, I found out my sexuality. I had never seen the love of people of my kind. I'm glad I got this opportunity, to live with my love. Anniversary Mubarak Babyjaan,"' Anjali Chakra also tweeted pictures and wrote, "Happy anniversary to a girl who taught me how to love."

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