Keep this thing under the pillow at night, luck will change very fast

Sep 07 2019 08:00 AM
Keep this thing under the pillow at night, luck will change very fast

While sleeping at night, there are many such things which have been told in the Puranas. In such a situation, frequent troubles start in our lives and we do not know and do not even understand why these are happening. In this case, if this is happening to you too, then you can take help of Vastu Shastra.

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Yes, because if you follow the tips mentioned in Vastu Shastra, then your work will be deteriorating and you will be benefited. In such a situation, some special tips of Vastu Shastra are told that you can do at night. So let's know those tips.

* According to Vastu Shastra, if you put Gita or Sunderkand under the pillow while sleeping at night, it also helps you sleep well and you progress in your work. With this, you can get success in your field.

* It is said that in the Vastu Shastra, the remedy of radish is also said to be special because according to him, if a person sleeps by keeping radish under the pillow at night and then wake up in the morning and offer that radish on Shivling, then it will remove the defects of Rahu.

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* It is said that if the husband-wife relationship is not going well, then on Tuesday night, put moong dal in a green cloth and put it under the pillow and donate this cloth to a girl the next day. Or should be kept in Durga temple near home.

* By taking this remedy, love increases in the husband and wife and their income starts increasing. It is said that one should sleep in the night by keeping water in a copper vessel and the next day one should wake up in the morning and clean his face with this water. This increases the glow on your face.

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