Hindus in panic after stone pelting, put up posters of 'Makan Bikau Hai'

Giridih: On the late evening of June 12, there was stone pelting between two religions on Hatia Road of Pachamba in Giridih, Jharkhand. Tension still persists after this case. The people of the area are scared and are now talking about leaving the area. On Tuesday, people of Hindu society have put up posters to sell houses and shops.

The local people are angry with the police action regarding the same incident. People say that their area is being targeted again and again. A few days back also there had been an incident of stone pelting. Thereafter, the area was retargeted. After the incident of stone pelting, the police is taking action only on the innocent. Many people including former BJP MLA Nirbhay Kumar Shahabadi, Secretary of Lawyers Union BJP leader Chunnukant, Koderma MP representative Dinesh Yadav sat on the dharna. He said that people are being harassed for the last 6 months. Comments are made on the girls passing the road. Stones are pelted at shops and houses. Stones were pelted on Sunday as well, after which, the police registered an FIR.

In this FIR, those people who were at their homes and shops were also made criminals and were trying to avoid stone pelting. People say that when the matter was discussed with the police, the police said that an FIR has been lodged on the basis of CCTV footage. DSP Sanjay Rana said that the entire situation has been brought under control. There have been arrests from both sides. An FIR was registered regarding this matter. Some persons have been sent to jail. The police administration is ready for peace and security.

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