Do not do any auspicious work in first 8 days of Holashtak

Feb 26 2020 09:40 PM
Do not do any auspicious work in first 8 days of Holashtak

Holi, the festival of colors, comes in the month of March every year, which is also on March 10 this year. We are going to tell you today that according to Hindu belief, no auspicious work should be done in Holashtak. These include marriage, inauguration, Namkaran, Mundan, and commencement, etc., all the auspicious works or starting any new work. Let's know 

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Donation is best- According to astrological belief, from Ashtami to Purnima the Navagraha is also taking a fiery form, due to this, there is a possibility of being inauspicious in the auspicious works done during this period. It is said that in these days the power to take decisions of a person also becomes weak and Holashtaks are considered to be a good time in terms of observing fast, worship and havan. Not only this, donations made in these days can get relief from the sufferings of life.

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According to Shiva Purana- Talking about Shiva Purana, then on the request of the Gods, Kamadeva dissolved the penance of Shiva by running his love arrow on this day. Lord Mahadev became very angry with this, he consumed Kamdev with the flame of his third eye. It is said that as soon as Kamdev, the god of love, was consumed by mourning in the whole creation, Goddess Rati prayed to Lord Mahadev along with other deities to revive her husband. Pleased after that, Bhole Shankar blessed Kamdev with the blessings of life and Phalgun Shukla Ashtami was consumed by Kamdev and 8 days later Rati received his blessings from Mahadev for his life. Angry with the exclusive Narayan devotion of the devotee Prahlada, Hiranyakashyap had given many kinds of heinous sufferings to Prahlada in the 8 days before Holi and from the same day, these 8 days of the attack on devotion are called inauspicious in Hinduism.

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