Holashtak, starting from March 14, Pay attention to not do these auspicious work….
Holashtak, starting from March 14, Pay attention to not do these auspicious work….

Holi is a holy festival and this festival is celebrated with great fame all over the country. This festival falls in the full moon of Falgun Mass every year. However, Holashtak gets started only eight days before the full moon day and during this time the auspicious work is not done at all. Because doing any work done during Holashak does not get success and in our scriptures 8 days of Holashtak are considered to be the worst day of the year. According to the scholars, during these 8 days there are changes in the planets' places and due to this change, the auspicious work is not done during Holatak. This year the Holasht is starting from March 14, which will remain till March 21.

Reason for not doing  any auspicious work at the time of Holashtak

Many stories have been associated with not doing auspicious work at Holashtak and according to these stories, the work done during this time only gives inauspicious results. Therefore, you should not do any kind of work during Holi. It is said that once Shiva Ji was doing austerity and Kamdev tried his best to dissolve this austerity and he also succeeded in his efforts. The penance of Shiva was dissolved and due to dissolution of his penance, Shiva ji got angry and he consumed Kamdev. It is said that Shivaji ji consumed Kamadeva on the very first day of Holashtak.

In another story it reveals that Hiranyakashyap used to be a monster named Jupiter which was an atheist but his son Prahlad was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Prahlad's father did not like this thing that his son is a devotee of Vishnu and because of this Hiranyakaship kept Prahlad in pain for eight days. These eight days are known as Holashtak. At the same time, Holika sat in the fire about Prahlad in her lap one day before Holi. In fact, Holika had got a boon for not burning, due to which Holika sat in fire with Prahalad. But she herself is burnt and none happened to Prahlad.

Prevent yourself by doing these things in Holashtak

Do not marry

Hola Shakt should not marry at any time. If someone marries during this marriage, then her marriage fails. So avoid avoiding marriage during Holashtak. In this way, the boy and the girl should not even engage in Holatakt.

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House Inaugration

If you are thinking of entering home then do not do this during Holashak. Because entering your house during this time does not bring peace to your home. In the same way, you should avoid doing any good work like your children's Mundan and Gododbharai during these eight days. Because if you do these auspicious work during Holashtak, then you will get an inauspicious result.

In addition to the auspices mentioned above, you should not do anyuspicious work such as special pooja, new business, child naming, during Holashak.


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