Holi Special tips from Bollywood stars: Vidya Balan share this!!!
Holi Special tips from Bollywood stars: Vidya Balan share this!!!

Holi hai! Yes, it's the most beautiful and colourful time of the year as everyone gears up to celebrate Holi. And in the age of selfies, who doesn't want to look their best?

Bollywood actress Vidhya Balan is widely admired for her effective Indian sartorial statements, her radiant skin, and thick, shiny, voluminous hair. She is one Bollywood actress who never fails to give us beauty goals. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Vidya prepares well before Holi, so that the colours don't affect her skin and hair. The “Tumhari Sulu” actress reveals that on the occasion of Holi , she makes sure that she doesn't leave her house without massaging a coconut-based hair oil on to her skin. "I feel that this is the most natural way to keep harmful colours away. Not just that, colour comes off easy and the coconut-based oil protects my skin from sun rays when I step outside," she says, adding that she also prefers to tie her hair loose in a braid. "This way I am able to keep my hair away from my face and just enjoy the festival," she says. Also read: Holi astrology predictions: Colours you should play with based on your zodiac sign


Besides this, Vidya also makes sure that she plays Holi with only organic colours, especially gulaal, which is her favourite. The actress also remembers her favourite childhood memory of the festival. "Even before the main day, all the kids in my neighborhood would start throwing balloons at each other after school. The night before Holi, my father would painstakingly fill the balloons, so we could run out with buckets full of balloons the next morning. It used to be fun," she says.

When it comes to Holi sweets, while most people eat ghujiyas, Vidya remembers that her sister Priya would drive up to Sattu’s in Sindhi camp (Chembur) and get Imarti. "I grew up eating them every year during Holi and now Holi is incomplete without it. It’s become a ritual to gorge on them. When you are fully wet and unrecognizable, it tastes the best," says the B-Town star

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