La-Tomatina: Holi with Tomatoes

Aug 30 2018 03:48 PM
La-Tomatina: Holi with Tomatoes


Each year in India we celebrate Holi, a festival of colours. You see different colours of happiness, red, blue, yellow, filling the air. Similarly, the people of Spain celebrate a festival called La-Tomatina, which is a festival of Tomatoes. People crush tomatoes at each other and have fun.

The La-Tomatina is celebrated eac year on the last Wednesday of August.

Well, this festival holds its origin from Spain, opther wise in the current time, it is celebrated in several parts of the world and not just Spain.

The people of Spain have to wait for an entire year to celebrate the festival. There are some basic rules that you need to follow. You need to crush the Tomatoes and then throw them, so that you do not urt your partner. It is intended to have fun and bathe in the fresh flavour of Tomatoes.

The elders and children and who cannot particpate in the tomato holi, stand on the terrace and enjoy the festivaal by hrowing tomatoes on the crowd.

People often catch their friends, pick them up in their arms and then drop them in tub which is filled with fresh tomato juice.

You must experience this atleast once in life.

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