Unseen photo of this famous Hollywood actress going viral after 57 years of demise

Aug 19 2019 01:45 PM
Unseen photo of this famous Hollywood actress going viral after 57 years of demise

Who doesn't know Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe? A documentary was aired a few days ago on fox channel which was based on Monroe. There were some things that were already in the dark and few people were aware of it. The documentary showed the son of Leigh Wiener (Photographer Leigh Wiener), who was a famous photographer and used freelance for Life Magazine. Meanwhile, now a picture of Monroe has surfaced that hardly anyone has seen before.

Wiener's mention is also important because he was the only photographer who captured Monroe's dead body on camera. For this, he had given a scotch to the guards as bribes. Monroe passed away early on August 5, 1962, but how she passed away is still a mystery. According to the documentary, Weiner was among the few who reported Monroe's death.

Weiner used about five reels to photograph Monroe's dead body. The photo has come to light when Wiener has also passed away. According to his son, he had given a bottle of wine to the guard of Maurice to take the photo. In the meantime, he took two photographs. One of these photos had a toe tag on his toe, which was numbered 81128. In the second photo, Monroe's face was visible. He also photographed some other photographs. Surprisingly, though, the beautiful face that Jeeji used to put the lines of the car in front of him was buried silently after his death. That involved very few people. See here their picture.

Monroe was famous for her facial intoxication, intoxicating eyes and the beauty of the lips. Monroe was born June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles (USA). His childhood was in a state of dearth. Not only that, but they were also exploited here. When she came to the modeling world, she learned a lot from the experience at the age of 16 when Monroe married Jim Doarti, but it didn't last much. She remarried and was not successful. She had gained fame as a calendar girl before coming to films.

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