Hollywood actress to get divorced for the fifth time

American actress Pamela Anderson has decided to separate from her fifth husband Dan Hayhurst. Pamela has also filed for divorce from Dan in court. The marriage lasted only 13 months. Pamela Anderson, 54, married her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst in December 2020. But now the two are going to have different paths.

This is not the first time Pamela Anderson is going to divorce her husband in a short time. Pamela Anderson has been married 5 times so far and none of her marriages have been successful. Just last year, Pamela had reported meeting Dan and getting married. She had said that Dan is the person she wants to live with. But now the two are separating.

Pamela Anderson married drummer Tommy Lee in 1995, just 4 days after he knew him. The wedding was performed by Pamela in a bikini on the beach. Tommy and Pamela had two sons from this marriage. Tommy was also accused of abusing Pamela. Pamela was also sentenced to six months in prison for assaulting her. The marriage ended in 1998.

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