Hollywood superstar Vin Diesel reveals doubts about 'Fast And Furious' franchise

May 02 2021 01:43 PM
Hollywood superstar Vin Diesel reveals doubts about 'Fast And Furious' franchise

Hollywood superstar Vin Diesel has recently come up with a confession. In his confession he revealed about signing the most awaited movie Fast and Furious.

In the statement, he daid he was not sure about being part of the 'Fast And Furious' franchise when it began. He added "Universal ended up being involved in the release of 'Pitch Black', the only other movie I had done of that size” The production companies said that 'We got this movie that's about illegal street car racing, and we want you to play this character, who's a tough guy, outlaw, with a heart and a code.” Describing a scene to him they said 'you see in the first movie, where the camera goes through my eye and down my arm and into the engine, and that's the only thing they described.’ To this he said, 'Yes, I'm in!' in an interview with Entertainment Weekly's 'Binge' podcast. However, Diesel started having doubts after some time. The next day when he was supposed to go the premiere in Australia for 'Pitch Black', the script wasn’t liked by him much. Then they all altered the script which is when he was comfortable with the project.

Further to the statement he said "Some other characters needed some fine-tuning as well, like the Letty character. I'm just so lucky they were open to it all and that they really wanted me to feel great and confident about it.”

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