Home Made peel-off face mask to get glass shadow skin

Mar 16 2019 07:55 PM
Home Made peel-off face mask to get glass shadow skin

Egg White Deep Cleaning Peel-off Mask

You will find many face masks that involve the use of egg whites. This is because egg whites are miraculous, and they have many properties that will make your skin supple and soft . Egg whites have astringent properties that help a lot when you need to shrink your pores and need to remove blackheads. It is the ideal recipe for the women and the men who are tired of squeezing the dots every now and then. The recipe also involves the use of lime juice. Lime juice brightens your skin and gives you an even-toned complexion.

What You Need
Egg White – 1
Lime Juice – 1 Spoon
Tissue Paper
Brush to Apply

What To Do

·   The recipe is fairly easy. All you have to do is take a clean bowl and mix together Lime juice and the egg white.

·   Mix it thoroughly till it evens out.

·   Using the brush, carefully apply the mixture to the affected areas. Keep away from eyes and eyebrows.

·   Gently apply a layer of tissue over the face, on top of the egg whites and lime juice mixture. Cover the area neatly.

·   Let the mask dry and sit for around 10 minutes. Meanwhile, you will feel your skin tightening.

·   Carefully remove the mask in an upward motion. Be gentle and slow.

·   Wash your face with lukewarm water, and apply moisturizer. You will see a stark difference as the pores shrink, and there is an obvious absence of blackheads.

Honey and Cinnamon Peel Off Face Mask

Cinnamon is considered to be under the category of superfoods. It has several winning qualities. Not only is it good to consume, but the topical application also proves to be beneficial. The spice is loaded with antimicrobial benefits. There are also antioxidant qualities found in it. It makes the pores shrink, and will make those blackheads disappear for good. Honey is known for its healing properties all over the world. It also provides much-needed nourishment to the skin, and it is a part of many cosmetics for the same reason. The recipe below will make you bid farewell to the blackheads for a long time, with no side effects or inflammation.

What You Need
Honey – 1 Spoon
Cinnamon – 1 Spoon
Cotton Strips

What To Do

·   The process to make this mask is very simple and easy to follow.

·   Take a clean and dry bowl, and put equal portions of honey and cinnamon in it.

·   Mix them thoroughly till you see a homogeneous mixture.

·   Lather it to the affected areas, or even the whole face. Keep the mixture away from eyes.

·   Gently press a thin lining of cotton strips over the mixture, to the face.

·   Wait for five minutes before removing the strips carefully from the face.

·   Wash face with warm water, and apply moisturizer.

·   You will notice an immediate difference in the skin. The skin tone will be even, and there will be hardly any blackheads. Honey makes the skin smooth and fresh.

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