Easy and homely tips will relieve you from the pain of periods

Sep 08 2019 08:08 PM
Easy and homely tips will relieve you from the pain of periods

Periods are a common activity in women's life cycle that every woman has to go through. Women have to face a lot of difficulties during periods. Although it is a natural process, for women it becomes a big problem when the pain starts increasing. In such a situation, women often take medicines that reduce pain but it can also be harmful to you. If you are also having more pain during periods, then let us tell you some easy ways to deal with it.

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The antioxidant properties of papaya help you a lot during periods. Consuming papaya daily will give strength to the body in those days, due to which the feeling of pain will be reduced considerably.

Sesame Seeds
Mole works to give strength to the body. Boil 5 grams of sesame seeds in 1 glass of water until half of the water remains. You have to consume this decoction till the time of the onset of periods. You can also consume them during the menstrual days in the winter season.

Avoid cold things
Avoid consuming cold things during periods. Do not consume cold water, buttermilk or ice cream at all.

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Hot water bag
It is not a good thing for people who have a pen on all five days of their periods. To get relief from pain, compress the stomach with a hot water bag.

Go for a routine
If you walk in the routine, then your muscles remain flexible, which will cause less cramping in your muscles during periods.

Carrot juice
Consuming carrot juice for the whole month keeps the pain relaxed during the period. Also, carrot juice works as a panacea for girls who are anemic.

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