VIDEO: The man arrived dances his heart out wearing a PPE kit

The Corona crisis seems to be growing rapidly at this time. In the midst of this crisis, many strange videos are going viral on social media. Now a video has surfaced in the same sequence that we are going to show you. This video is going viral right now, which you can see. In this video, a man has gone to the wedding ceremony wearing a PPE kit and after that he has also danced fiercely. You can see he is seen dancing there.

Now the video of the dance of the person in the PPE kit is going viral. You can see the young man's dance is also very funny. By the way, there are also reports that the young man was advised to stay in home isolation, but he could not stop himself from going to the wedding ceremony and reached for a blast.

This is a unique way to enjoy a wedding ceremony even after being advised to stay in isolation. According to the information received, this video is from Jodhpur, but it is not known from which place it is in Jodhpur. As you can see, this man is dancing in fun and is dancing and enjoying in the wedding ceremony.

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